Google Drive

TL;DR Google Drive works great for my platforms of choice (Mac, Android, Linux). Summary My needs for storage/backup are : My data is with me at all times Work Mobile Home My data can be versioned Typically, this is for documents and code My data can be encrypted With the caveat that I control the encryption No data loss if all devices are destroyed or lost I can easily store / backup content Maintaining the backup isn’t my responsibility Google Drive ends up fitting all of these needs, with a few tweaks I’ll share.

About Loops

Loops are a combination of habits and cheat sheets that I regularly use to make my life suck less. I’ll update them as my understanding changes and I learn new things.

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Tours are articles designed to introduce a reader to a topic. They should include a timestamp (so you can assess if they’re still relevant and timely). They’ll generally have pointers to more detailed information.

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About This is site is a place for Matt to talk about stuff he cares about in the computery world. He writes mostly about technical stuff here.